Natural Textures | Hand Woven

The Irish mill who make our blankets source and manufacture there own stock of wool from local farms in Ireland. Everything is traceable and the wellbeing of the animals is of huge importance. Keeping it local, is part of the reason we wanted to work closely with them. They know where everything comes from, how its been treated, and once in there own hands, control the entire process from start to finish. from the full dyeing process to the finished hand rolled fringes

Process; After hand spinning the wool, the yarn is fed onto the warp machine by section warping, when the design is completed the wool is hand rolled onto beams ready for hand feeding onto the the wooden looms for weaving

For weaving, the warp is opened and the weft inserted, this is repeated until the tweed is finished. Once the tweed is a finished woven blanket, it goes to the stitching room where the blankets are hand finished and fringes hand rolled

Forestry Wool